Tokyo’s First Female-Run Sushi Bar (and 6 Other Unusual Sushi Bars You Must Visit)

female chef making sushi at Nadeshico in Tokyo

A restaurant totally staffed by women shouldn’t really make it onto a blog about the slightly quirky things to see in the world – it sounds pretty normal; but when it comes to making sushi in Japan female chefs are extremely rare – which makes Nadeshico, Tokyo’s first all-female staffed sushi restaurant, worth a visit (and it’s not the only unique sushi bar we found).

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What to do in Asakusa: Find Tanuki (and 14 Other Fun Things to Try)

Tanuki statue in box in Tanuki Street, one of the fun things to do in Asakusa, Tokyo

I’m wandering around Asakusa, Tokyo on a Sunday morning on the search of a small Japanese creature – it’s got a cute little face, a tubby tummy, a jaunty little straw hat – and erm, giant balls! I’m talking about a tanuki, and this part of Tokyo has an entire road devoted to them. And, … Read more

Getting Up Close and Personal With Godzilla in Tokyo

View of Godzilla head over Tokyo in Shinjuku

If you’re wandering around the northern part of Tokyo’s Shinjuku and hear a roar, don’t panic, it’s just the giant Godzilla on top of the Shinjuku Gracery Hotel doing it’s thing (well, hopefully). If you happen to be within eyeline of the Godzilla head you might even see him breathe fire – but what you might not … Read more