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If you're a foodie going to Auckland, New Zealand, you're going to want to add a trip to Giapo to your must do list. And here's why | Auckland | Ice Cream | Giapo |

The Six Surprises of Giapo Ice Cream, Auckland

Giapo is an ice cream shop in the middle of Auckland, New Zealand. The idea that such as establishment might come loaded with surprises could sound odd – after all, it’s shop that sells ice cream what can possibly make it different from all the others? The answer, my frozen-treat…
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The town of Hamilton in New Zealand's North Island is about 90 minutes drive from Auckland - and it's a must stop for Rocky Horror fans. Here's why...

Visiting the Riff Raff Statue in Hamilton, NZ

I might have seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show one or two (hundred) times but despite the fact that I can pretty much recite it word for word, I had totally forgotten that writer and star Richard O’Brien had a link to Hamilton in New Zealand – until, a couple…
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Looking for fun things to do in the Rocks, Sydney - here's 18 ideas. From what to see, where to eat and how to spend your evenings.

18 Fun Things to Do in The Rocks, Sydney

The Rocks is Sydney’s historic district full of quaint old sandstone buildings, Sydney’s oldest pubs and a fantastic harbour view – but while searching out history is one of the best things to do in The Rocks, it’s not all you’ll find there. Check out our local’s guide to 18…
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A jellyfish exhibit is launching at Birmingham's National Sealife Centre in March 18. Here's what you need to know and six amazing other places to see these cool creatures.

Wishlist: Birmingham’s New Jellyfish Exhibit

I love jellyfish. Well, in the confines of a tank that is – I’m not so struck with the concept of sharing actual sea space with them. So, I was super excited to hear that there’s a whole new exhibit dedicated to watching them risk-free coming soon to Birmingham’s National…
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Goat Island Marine Reserve near Auckland is home to NZ's first clear bottom kayaks. Here's what happened when we gave one try.

Fish Watching in NZ with the Clearyak Kayak

Goat Island is a marine reserve about 85km north of Auckland. It’s also home to New Zealand’s first clear bottom kayaks known as a Clearyak. Watching fishies while getting some exercise sounded awesome so we hopped in the car for the short 70-minute ride from Auckland to Goat Island ready…
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Just a short 2.5 hour drive from Auckland is the stunning Putarur Blue Spring. Here's how to get there and what else to see on the way.

Putaruru Blue Spring: A Day Trip From Auckland

About a two and a half hour drive from Auckland in New Zealand is the Putaruru Blue Spring. A pool and river so pretty it looks like a swimming pool for fairies. Here’s everything you need to know to discover it yourself. I have a soft spot for Auckland, I…
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Most people going to Sydney know about the Harbour Birdge Climb but if your budget doesn't stretch to that, there's a cheaper alternative just steps away - the Pylon Lookout

Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout

Every day hundreds of people pay a three-figure sum for the amazing experience of climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but, if your budget or stomach for heights don’t stretch to that there’s a cheaper, less terrifying alternative, The Pylon Lookout. The pylons are those large concrete pillars you see at…
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Boiling Eggs at San Kamphaeng Hot Springs, Chiang Mai

San Kamphaeng Hot Springs in Chiang Mai is a nice half-day trip from the city. I was expecting to go, soak myself in hot water and catch a few rays – I wasn’t expecting to find an unexpected eggy theme park in the middle of Thailand. But I was very…
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