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You might not book your trip solely to see the things you’ll find on this blog, but I’m betting they’ll be the ones you talk about most when you get home!  

Fun Destination Guides

Where to find our round ups of the most fun and unusual things to do in any destination. If you’re looking for where to eat ramen topped with fire in Kyoto or where to drink on a helipad in Kuala Lumpur, this is a great place to start.

Stone figure covered in moss in Kyoto

The Fun and Unusual Guide to Kyoto

Alley painted like a river in Kuala Lumpur

The Fun and Unusual Guide to Kuala Lumpur

Sydney Oopera House with light on the sails for Vivid in Circular Quay

The Fun and Unusual Guide to Circular Quay

The Best of Japan

Japan is kind of like the Differentville mother ship – there’s so many fun and unusual things to see there. This is where you’re fill them all. From where to find robots in Tokyo to visiting islands full of cats or bunnies

Chiku Chiku Hedgehog Cafe in Shibuyu Tokyo takes cute to the next level - all its hedgehogs live in tiny rooms sets.

47 Unique Things to do in Tokyo

The Amazing Nanzoin Temple

Girl coveredin rabbits, Bunny Island, Japan

The Ultimate Guide to Bunny Island

The Best of Asia

Southeast Asia is an amazing part of the world – and it’s full of fun and unusual things to eat, see and do. We’ve drunk ghost-inspired cocktails, eaten spiders and explored a city of abandoned UFOs – and so can you.

Street art mural in Penang based on famous National Geographic cover of a woman with blue eyes

Amazing Penang Street Art You Haven’t Seen Before

Yellow Futuro House, Wanli Taipei

Where to Find the Abandoned UFO Village in Taipei

unusual sculpture at Wat Pariwat Bangkok

Bangkok’s Most Unusual Temple – Yes, That’s Dobby The Elf!

The Best of Australia

Australia is famous for Big Things like the Big Pineapple – but, they aren’t the only fun and unusual thing you’ll find in Oz. We’ve got underground towns, vegemite-painted Volkswagens and a winery shaped like a Rubik’s Cube…

The D'Arenberg Cube in Mclaren Vale South Australia is like a Willy Wonka land of wine. Here;'s what's inside

Inside the D’Arenberg Cube in McLaren Vale

Wombat wearinga blanket, Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary

Have Wombat Cuddles at Sleepy Burrows

VW car turned into a spider sculpture

How to Spend 2 Days in Coober Pedy

Have Fun Everywhere Else…

Looking for some more fun and unusual ideas… then have a look at some of the other destinations we cover. You’ll find the best of quirky New Zealand, spooky and fun sights in London and the best roadside attractions in the USA.

The Putaruru Blue Spring in New Zealand's North Island is a stunning bright blue pool and river - and it makes an easy day trip from Auckland.

New Zealand