Tales of the Burley Witches (and other spooks) in Burley, New Forest

Outside of a Coven of Witches in Burley, New Forest

Thatched roofs, ambling ponies, ice cream, fudge and cider…. you’ll find them all in the small New Forest village of Burley – but we went there for some more mystical reasons. Witches, ghosts and dragons… oh my. At first glance, you wouldn’t suspect that there’s anything different about Burley from the other cute villages in … Read more

There’s Hidden Art on London’s Millennium Bridge

Chewing gum painting of an ant with an umbrella on the Millenium bridge, London

A tiny St Paul’s Cathedral, an ant carrying an umbrella and what looks like a tree full of people – all things you’ve probably walked past if you’ve ever crossed London’s Millennium Bridge. See, there are a hundreds of tiny paintings stuck on London’s Millennium Bridge all painted on the chewing gum people drop there. … Read more