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My day job is as a journalist which means sometimes I write travel articles for magazines, newspapers and other websites. Here’s where you’ll find the links to some of those other published pieces.


I wrote a Perfect Ten list of Things to do in Kaohsiung for The Australian.

Kaohsuing’s normal claim to fame is that it’s Taipei’s biggest port – but there’s a whole lot more to Kaohsiung than that. There’s a thriving street art scene, amazing food and some a bar with a super cute dog to check out.

Click to read more here.


Soaking in the Hot Springs in Taipei for Body and Soul in the Sunday Telegraph, Australia: I haven’t been told off before 8am since I left home – and I certainly haven’t been told off by an elderly Taiwanese lady with a towel on her head before – but on a recent trip I discovered that when it comes to soaking in the city’s hot springs, people in Taipei take things very seriously.

Here’s what you need to know before you get your feet wet. Find the full story here


Tokyo in Winter for RAC Horizons Magazine. Tokyo suits winter – not least because it shows off the neon beautifully. But what else is there to do in this brilliant city when things get cold? Find out what to do, where to go and the best warming foods to eat in this piece.


Investigating the new Majestic Princess for Body and Soul in the Sunday Telegraph, Australia. Cruising isn’t always thought of as a healthy holiday, but the Majestic Princess is an exception. From juice bars to the immense salad selection via brilliant virtual reality racing bikes in the gym, it’s easy to be healthy on board if you want to be – and I can recommend the sail away cocktails for when you don’t! Check out all the healthy options I found here.


How to do Disneyland Without a Car for Passport Stamps Tell people you’re going anywhere in the USA and you don’t intend to drive and they act as if you’re going try and scale Everest in cagoule and flip-flops, but Disneyland in Anaheim is one place where you can still have a brilliant trip no car required.

I know because I’ve done it.- and don’t panic, you don’t require gym kit. I was running the Disneyland half marathon while I was there!  Click here to read the piece.



Hotel, Food, Activities. Our tips for a perfect staycation in Cronulla for The Carousel. I’d never quite got the point of a staycation before I had to go and review the new Eventhouse Hotel in Cronulla, a buzzy seaside town about an hour’s train ride from my house in Sydney.

didn’t know how I was going to pass my time when I didn’t have some new quirky local food to check out or a must-see temple to trek to – and then I realised that actually, that’s the point. And it’s what makes the whole experience so great.  Find out what I did get up to via my post at The Carousel. 


Ten things to do in Fort Lauderdale for Sainsbury’s magazine. This gorgeous beach resort in Florida is also known as America’s Venice because it has more than 300 miles of waterways. I floated on lots of them, hit the shops and tried out some of the best of its vibrant drinking and dining scene for this popular UK food magazine. Here were my top ten favourite things to do.


Six New Things to Do in Sydney for Passport Stamps:  I wrote this before I moved back here. After living in Sydney for a few years then visiting many times during the time I was based in the UK I had to do a bit of hunting to find some new things to do when I was asked to write this piece – but I managed it. Here are the six things I did for the first time on that trip to Sydney.

Spoiler alert: I tried eating in the Opera House, going on a silent disco tour of The Rocks, patting a quokka, taking a stroll around the waterfront at Barangaroo, visiting the cat cafe and took my first trip to Cockatoo Island, a photographer’s dream just a short ferry ride away from Circular Quay.

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