Side view of the Georgia Guidestones at dusk

The Mystery of the Super Spooky Georgia Guidestones

In 1980, a structure containing a group of huge stone tablets appeared in the middle of a cow field near the small town of Elberton in Elber County in Georgia. From a distance they just look likehuge grey stones, rather like Stonehenge – but get closer and you’ll see writings on the stones that change …

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Bowl of kava in a yellow bowl served at a kava bar in Florida

Kava Bars in Florida – a Different Way to Chill Out on Holiday.

Normally if I’m in Florida and want to make the world a happy place I go on the It’s a Small World ride in the Magic Kingdom – but when I was in Fort Lauderdale a while back, I decided to try something a bit different – I took myself off to one of Florida’s many bars selling kava, a chill out drink traditionally found in the South Pacific.

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