Dolls on Display for the Doll Festival in Japan

Hinamatsuri – The Amazing Doll Festival in Japan

If you’ve been to Japan in February or March you might be wondering why there are bright red staircases full of dolls everywhere. If you’re there now and googling that very question…the answer is you’ve arrived in time to see the Doll Festival in Japan, aka Hinamatsuri, Doll Day or Japanese Girls Day on March …

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Vending machine shaped like a robot in Fukuoka, Japan

28 Fun and Unusual Things to do in Fukuoka

Fukuoka in Western Japan is Japan’s seventh biggest city, but despite this when you look for suggestions of things to do in Fukuoka not much comes up – yes, there’s the big shiny Fukuoka tower, ruins of a castle and a huge mall, but generally, that’s about all anyone suggests. However, dig a little deeper …

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Matsue Castle, Japan

Cool Things to do in Matsue, Western Japan

It’s home to one of the best castles in Japan. Home to some great modern art and a spectacular sunset. Home to amazing samurai history, delicious food and a short hop from one of the most beautiful Japanese gardens in the world – but when it comes to the average visitor’s plans, Matsue in Western …

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Shrine made of hundred red tori gates on a cliff

Motonosumi Inari Shrine: How To Find This Stunning Shrine in Western Japan

They have good dreams in Japan. Dreams that make things. Things like bright scarlet shrines that balance on the edge of craggy windswept clifftops. Scarlet shrines like the outrageously pretty Motonosumi Inari Shrine near Nagato in Western Japan. It’s a must see if you’re in the areas of Nagato or Hagi – and something to …

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Grey cat walking toward the camera on Ainoshima Cat Island japan

Ainoshima: Fukuoka’s Cute Cat Island

I’m surrounded by kitties – they’re sleeping in fishing nets, chilling out in wheelbarrows, prowling the paths around the bright blue, fishing boat filled harbour hoping for snacks or just sitting in the sunshine doing whatever cats who live on an island do all day. This is Ainoshima, one of Japan’s many cat islands – …

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View of the Adachi Museum of Art garden through their frame like windows

The Stunning Adachi Museum of Art Gardens – Designed to be Viewed From The Inside

Here’s a question…What do you do to encourage visitors when you build a museum containing some of the finest works of Japanese art in the midst of rural Japanese farmland? The answer, if you are Zenko Adachi, a farmer’s son turned influential art collector, is to build one of the most beautiful gardens in the …

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