The Pylon Lookout on Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout – Amazing Views for $19

Every day hundreds of people pay a three-figure sum for the amazing experience of climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but, if your budget or stomach for heights, don’t stretch to that there’s a cheaper, less terrifying alternative, The Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout. Despite the fact that it’s there in plain view, not many visitors …

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David Bowie Mural, Paddington, Sydney

Did You Know There’s a David Bowie Mural in Sydney?

It’s two years today since the singer David Bowie died and while tributes will pour in at the famous mural in London’s Brixton, but there’s also a David Bowie mural here in Sydney. It’s on the wall of The Blender Gallery, in Elizabeth Street in Paddington, a shopping and residential district most famous for its …

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Cupboard and table in the old houses of Foundation Park, The Rocks, Sydney

Foundation Park, The Rocks: Hidden History in the Middle of Sydney

The other day I was wandering through The Rocks in Sydney when I noticed something unusual – a load of huge furniture seemingly stuck in the middle of nowhere!  No, IKEA hadn’t opened an inner-city branch, seems I’d stumbled across Foundation Park, The Rocks’ own bit of hidden history tucked away from it all behind …

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Selfie with a smiling quokka on Rottnest Island, near Perth

What I Learned During My (Five Year) Quest For A Quokka Selfie

Look at that face, isn’t it cute – the furry thing, not me! Well, as simple a snap as this seems, it took nearly five years, at least one close encounter with poo and about 200 outtakes to achieve. Here’s my story of attempting to get the perfect quokka selfie on Rottnest Island near Perth …

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Bike share bike outside street art in Sydney, Australia

Comparing The Sydney Bike Share Companies

Red ones, orange ones, black ones, even pretty purple ones – no, I’m not discussing my shoe collection but the sudden invasion of bike-share schemes on the streets of Sydney. But is there any difference between them other than colour? Here we compare the Sydney bike-share companies for factors like how much it costs to …

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