Why is This Amazing Painted House in Surry Hills, Sydney? We Wondered Too

Pink, blue, red, yellow and covered with paintings of giant people playing instruments, you definitely can’t miss this building on the edge of Surry Hills in Sydney, But if you’ve ever ridden the Light Rail between the Surry Hills and Moore Park stops, or walked/driven up South Dowling Street and wondered why there’s a huge multi-coloured house just sitting there, here’s the story.

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bright yellow house that looks like ufo in Canberra, Australia

Check Out the Amazing Futuro House, Canberra

Things I was expecting to find in Canberra – Parliament, museums, inventive cakes. Things I was not expecting to find in Canberra – a fully intact Futuro House that you could sit in. But, there is one – and it has a really cool back story too. Here’s what you need to know about the house – and how to find it if you want to visit.

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20 Fun & Unusual Things to do in Newcastle, NSW

Newcastle, NSW is located about a two-hour drive from Sydney. It’s most famous for attractions like Nobby’s Beach Lighthouse, the Art Deco Ocean Baths and the interactive Newcastle Museum – but there’s also some less well-known fun and unusual things to do in Newcastle – and as ever, we went to find them on our recent trip.

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Wild dolphin jumping photographed on the Dolphin Swim near Sydney

The Best Place to Swim With Dolphins Near Sydney

Did you know that dolphins are attracted to people singing? Neither did I until I got chatting to my friend and journalist Niki Waldegrave about her experience swimming with dolphins in Nelson Bay about two and a half hours drive from Sydney. Thankfully she was so thrilled with her day out with the pointy-nosed ones and Dolphin Swim Australia she said she’d write it about it for me…so, here goes.

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