Sydney Opera House during Vivid - one of the fun things to do in Circular Quay

31 Fun and Unusual Things to do in Circular Quay

Chances are if you’re visiting Sydney, you’re going to end up in Circular Quay. It’s the access point to the Opera House, the place where you get on the iconic Manly Ferry, it’s home to bars, restaurants and buskers with didgeridoos, but alongside enjoying all these things, there are also some less well known, more quirky and just plain fun things to do in Circular Quay.

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Why is This Amazing Painted House in Surry Hills, Sydney? We Wondered Too

Pink, blue, red, yellow and covered with paintings of giant people playing instruments, you definitely can’t miss this building on the edge of Surry Hills in Sydney, But if you’ve ever ridden the Light Rail between the Surry Hills and Moore Park stops, or walked/driven up South Dowling Street and wondered why there’s a huge multi-coloured house just sitting there, here’s the story.

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