CAt sitting on a shrine at Houtong Cat Village, Taipei, Taiwan

The Adorable Houtong Cat Village, Taipei (and 5 Other Sights Not To Miss If You Love Cats)

I’m sitting on a train in my best cat print dress jigging about like a three-year-old needing the bathroom. I’m overly excited because I’m on my way to Houtong Cat Village near Taipei, a magical place a short train ride from the main city where hundreds of felines are just waiting for you to come …

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Snake on an insence burner at the Snake Temple Penang

Checking Out the Snake Temple in Penang

Think about some of the temples in Asia you might have visited; bright red outside and a roof with ornate carvings on it – check. Lit candles and offerings reflecting hopes and prayers of those who left them – check. An ornate altar covered in gold – check. Poisonous snakes draped around the incense burners …

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