the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas

16 Fun and Unusual Things to do in Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung is a major city on the south coast of Taiwan – and it’s fantastic. If you love street art, tiny winding streets full of traditional old shops, amazing food and fantastic temples shaped like dragons, tigers or people, it’s your dream destination! So, without further preamble, check out our guide to 16 of the …

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CAt sitting on a shrine at Houtong Cat Village, Taipei, Taiwan

The Adorable Houtong Cat Village, Taipei (and 5 Other Sights Not To Miss If You Love Cats)

I’m sitting on a train in my best cat print dress jigging about like a three-year-old needing the bathroom. I’m overly excited because I’m on my way to Houtong Cat Village near Taipei, a magical place a short train ride from the main city where hundreds of felines are just waiting for you to come …

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Two alpacas photographed in the Alpaca Cafe in Taipei, Taiwan

There’s an Alpaca Cafe in Taipei – and We Have Pictures

When I first heard that there was an Alpaca Cafe in Taipei, my response were noises so high pitched only dolphins could hear them. Excited did not quite cut it. Instagram was full of people getting Alpaca selfies – their curious little faces peering over their shoulders, reviews told tales of feeding them carrots and …

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