20 Quirky Things Not To Miss on the Majestic Princess

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There’s lots of fun to be had on any cruise – and as ships get bigger, it can be hard to spot all the cool things on board. So, if you’re travelling on Majestic Princess any time soon, make sure you check out this guide to 20 quirky, fun things we found when we get to sail on her.

The Majestic Princess cruise ship is the biggest ship in the Princess fleet.

She is 330 metres long – which is longer than the Sydney Tower if you lay them end to end.

She’s also 68 metres high, which makes she’s even taller than the Sydney Opera House. Just look at the size of her compared to the local Sydney Ferries.

I was lucky enough to sail on Majestic Princess last year for a few days – and trust me, she’s as impressive inside as she looks outside.

But with such a big ship, and so much going on you might miss out on a few of the smaller touches inside onboard if you don’t keep your eyes peeled.

So here’s my guide to the 20 Quirky Things on Majestic Princess that you must not miss.

Majestic Princess is the largest Princess ship to sail in Australian waters.

What Not to Miss on Majestic Princess

1. The See-Through SeaWalk

Located on the Lido deck (no16), the SeaWalk is an 18m (60ft) long seethrough walkway made from 28mm (1.1inch) thick glass which juts 8.5 metres (27 feet) out from the side of the ship, letting you stand 39m (128ft) above the waves with seemingly nothing underneath you.

If walking on it makes you nervous take a seat at the nearby SeaView Bar where you can watch the waves beneath your feet through clear panels on the floor clutching a steadying cocktail of the day!

Majestic Princess Seawalk allows you to stand 'on top' of the sea

2. The Amazing Drone Scene

The ship’s evening show is called Fantastic Journey and it at one point during the performance there are over 14 drones on stage.

When I heard that I thought, I admit to being a bit, ‘oh, okay’ – but trust me when you see how they are using them your mind will be blown.

3. Singing Pillows

Princess has teamed up with leading US sleep therapist Dr Michael Breus to create an entire optimum sleep programme on the ship.

And one of the really quirky touches is the Dreampad pillow. This pillow plays music to soothe you to sleep, but don’t worry about your partner hearing it, because it actually does it via gentle vibration so only you can hear it.

Bedroom in the Majestic Princess Owners Suite

Ask your cabin steward for details.

4. The Wishing Wall

The Majestic Princess’s inaugural season was spent in Asia and as such there are a few touches on board that nod to her origins – including the Chinese Wishing Wall in the adults-only conservatory.

Write your hopes on here and maybe they’ll come true.

Admittedly, the fact that I’m typing this from my office and not the deck of Majestic means I can’t guarantee they work but it’s got to be worth a try right?

The Wishing Wall is just one of the quirky touches on the Majestic Princess Cruise Ship

5. Try The Jellyfish Starter at Harmony

Harmony is one of the speciality restaurants onboard Majestic Princess.

Chinese in theme with menus by Michelin star chef Richard Chen it has some really original dishes you won’t find anywhere else on the ship.

I had the starter of Spicy Marinated Chill Jellyfish and it was sooooooo good. Really crunchy.

If you’ve never had jellyfish before and it’s on the menu, then now is your chance.

I can also recommend the super colourful Mango Sago soup with Pistachio Ice Cream for dessert.

Mango Sago pudding is one of the desserts on the Majestic Princess Cruise ship

6. Get a Snap on The Instawalls

On deck 18 by the Laser Shooting Range you’ll find a couple of sets of wings just made for Instagram photos!

Come on, you know you want to tell everyone you’re on holiday.

Try to look a little less daft in your picture than me though!

The Instagram wall on Majestic Princess

7. Pay Like Magic

Majestic Princess is one of the first Princess ships to use the Ocean Medallian instead of a key card.

This sleek silver device is your key to everything on the ship – it’s your room key, your ID and the way you pay for things, so you need to keep it safe and with you at all times.

I’ve seen people add them to chains, or, putting them on lanyards.

You can buy these on ship, or before you go – but, if you’re travelling with friends or family for a special cruise, or maybe you’re lucky enough to have a company event on a ship, then why not create a custom lanyard so you always know which are yours?

Have a look at the range from GS-JJ here. There’s no minimum order.

And if you go on a ship that’s still using cruise cards, you can reuse your lanyard for these too.

8. Have a Glass of Newcastle Brown

This beer from the UK is virtually impossible to get in Sydney – so I was a bit surprised to see it on tap at the Wake View bar at the back of the ship.

I was very surprised to see Newcastle Brown Ale in one of the bars on the Majestic Princess

If it’s not there on your trip (they do regionalise things for the home crowd so it might not be) don’t despair, you might also be able to enjoy a beer-rita – which is a Margarita with a tiny beer bottle lodged in it.

The more you drink the marg, the more beer flows into the glass. If you’ve never had one I can firmly recommend it.

And if all else fails, the pretty sail-away cocktails are always a good call if only for another nice Instagram pic!

Sail away cocktails on the Majestic Princess

9. Have a fun shower.

Yes, there’s a shower in your cabin, but the ones in the Thermal Spa come with scent and light effects.

Try the icy torrent called Siberian Shower with storm effects or soothe weary sightseeing muscles in the warmer Tropical Rain accompanied with soothing sunshiney glow and floral scent.

The thermal suite on the Majestic Princess is the biggest in the fleet

10. Have a Bamboo Massage.

The spa on Majestic Princess offers a huge variety of treatments to fit in with their tagline of ‘come back new’ – but one of the quirkiest is the Bamboo Massage where you get rubbed down with sticks of bamboo.

I’ve had this before at a spa in the UK and frankly, it was really painful, but I tried it again on Majestic and this time it was super relaxing.

If you aren’t keen on massages with fingers, then give this one a try. $159 for 50 minutes.

Insider Tip

If you want to buy a present for someone on board Majestic, or, spread the cost of treating yourself out a bit before your trip, you can buy Onboard gift credits to use in areas like the spa or Enclave.

See more about this – and the other gifts you can buy on the ship here.

11. Eat a Banana

Everyone on this ship is pampered, but the bananas possibly have it best of all.

They have their own temperature-controlled room on the ship that ensures different bananas ripen at different times – so there’s always some at the perfect shade of yellow, no matter what point in the voyage you’re in.

12. Drink a Banana

While we’re on the subject of bananas, you can also order a rather special tea from room service.

Banana Skin Tea!

The Banana Skin Tea was also created by Princess sleep expert Dr Michael Breus after he discovered that the skin of the banana was packed with relaxing ingredients.

You can also have your pillow dusted with lavender if you ask.

13. Find the Bowie Painting

There are over 4,000 pieces of art on the ship, but the one that stuck out in my mind was this picture of David Bowie I found on one of the staircases.

Look really closely and you’ll spot that it’s made from hundreds of other Bowie pictures.

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to turn this into a bit of a treasure hunt as I can’t remember EXACTLY where on the stairs it is! Let me know if you find it.

Update: I’ve been told it’s on the 16th floor!

This clever picture of David Bowie can be found on the Majestic Princess

14. Appreciate that Ice Sculptures

Apparently, they make 20 ice sculptures on each cruise from three tonnes of ice!

15. Drink Wine made by a Basketball Player

Yao Ming is probably best known as an NBA basketball player – but he’s also one of the Naming Ambassadors of Majestic Princess – and owner of a vineyard in California’s Napa Valley – and you can try his Yao Family wines on board in the Vines bar.

Pick your choice of wines on the Majestic Princesss

16. Join a Flash Mob

There I was happily watching the waves with my glass of Yao Family wine when all of a sudden the dulcet sounds of Beyonce rang out and someone started dancing in the middle of the ship’s atrium.

Next thing the couple in their 60s at the table next to us got up and joined in, which seemed a bit random until I realised that people were coming from all corners of the ship to join in.

They’d been practising all week for the Flash Mob learning the dance to Single Ladies and it was awesome.

Check the in-cabin paper the Princess Patter to see if there’s one going on during your voyage.

17. Chase Dragons in the Gym

Yes, you can try and burn off all the calories you’ve consumed on the treadmills with the awesome sea view, but in the unlikely event of you being tired of endless waves and blue sky, head over to the bikes in the gym’s far right corner.

These are gaming bikes so you, errr, play games while you pedal. I got a bit carried away chasing dragons on one game and might have shrieked a bit too loudly.

the Virtual Reality bikes in the Majestic Princess Gym make wearing off all the on board food fun.

18. Check out the Dancing Fountains.

Shooting 33 metres in the air in a fantastic display of light and colour this nightly display is a great place to let your dinner go down in the evening.

The Fountain and Light show on Majestic Princessz

19. Pick Your Salt From a Menu.

Crown Grill is the Majestic’s Grill based restaurant.

Pick from a huge variety of cuts of steak or lamb, pork or veal chops (though non-red meat eaters I can firmly recommend the onion soup and Grilled Tiger Prawns).

But the quirky thing about this restaurant is the array of salts they have on offer to add to your chips – sorry your Garlic and Herb French Fries. You can try Black salt from Hawaii which gets its colour from activated charcoal, or Applewood Salt from the US’s Yakima Valley which has a fruity taste. Makes the pink Himalayan salt they also offer seem positively common!

20. Grab Some Milk and Cookies

Apparently, the team at Princess know that these two are meant to be together and so, when you find cookies on the ship buffets, you’ll also find milk to go with them!

So that’s my 20 fun things to eat, see or do on the Majestic Princess, but before I go I’m just going to throw one last thing at you…

The Runway.

Okay so she won’t get it every time she comes into port, but Majestic’s first arrival into Sydney was a sight to behold as she floated down the world’s first floating runway.

The 1550 metre ‘path’ was lined with 62 buoys topped with red and white flares to guide her into the Harbour.

Check out this video to get even more excited about your upcoming trip….trust me, you’re going to have THE most amazing time.

If you’re not yet booked on Majestic Princess, but like the look of it after reading this, then head here to see more about the ship or even make a booking.

  • Some of the restaurants and services mentioned here have an extra fee. Ask your cabin steward or ship reception for more details. Also, menus and other things on the ship can change depending on availability so while the suggested dishes and drinks were on my sailing things might change.

Disclaimer. I was hosted on Majestic Princess for my trip – but not for this blog. For an article, I was writing for a newspaper, but she really did blow me away with how much cool stuff there was tucked away on board.

Modern Toilet Restaurant in Ximending Taipei is a poop themed restaurant

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