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Goat Island Marine Reserve near Auckland is home to NZ's first clear bottom kayaks. Here's what happened when we gave one try.

Fish Watching in NZ with the Clearyak Kayak

Goat Island is a marine reserve about 85km north of Auckland. It’s also home to New Zealand’s first clear bottom kayaks known as a Clearyak. Watching fishies while getting some exercise sounded awesome so we hopped in the car for the short 70-minute ride from Auckland to Goat Island ready…
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Just a short 2.5 hour drive from Auckland is the stunning Putarur Blue Spring. Here's how to get there and what else to see on the way.

Putaruru Blue Spring: A Day Trip From Auckland

About a two and a half hour drive from Auckland in New Zealand is the Putaruru Blue Spring. A pool and river so pretty it looks like a swimming pool for fairies. Here’s everything you need to know to discover it yourself. I have a soft spot for Auckland, I…
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Most people going to Sydney know about the Harbour Birdge Climb but if your budget doesn't stretch to that, there's a cheaper alternative just steps away - the Pylon Lookout

Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout

Every day hundreds of people pay a three-figure sum for the amazing experience of climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but, if your budget or stomach for heights don’t stretch to that there’s a cheaper, less terrifying alternative, The Pylon Lookout. The pylons are those large concrete pillars you see at…
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Boiling Eggs at San Kamphaeng Hot Springs, Chiang Mai

San Kamphaeng Hot Springs in Chiang Mai is a nice half-day trip from the city. I was expecting to go, soak myself in hot water and catch a few rays – I wasn’t expecting to find an unexpected eggy theme park in the middle of Thailand. But I was very…
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Cool street art is one thing you'll see if you take an Oh Hey WA walking tour in Perth. Here's why we loved it.

Walking with the Oh Hey WA Tour in Perth

One of the (many) highlights of my recent trip to Perth was a walking tour of the city by a lady called Adie at Oh Hey WA tours…I learned more about Perth in the two hours I spent walking with Adie than I had done doing hours of research online….
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Pretty much every visitor to Sydney will end up in Circular Quay, but what is there to do once you've seen the Opera House and HArbour Bridge? We've 16 quirky, fun things you might not see anywhere else.

16 Fun Things To Do In Circular Quay

Chances are if you’re visiting Sydney, you’re going to end up in Circular Quay. It’s the access point to the Opera House, the place where you get on the iconic Manly Ferry, it’s home to bars, restaurants and buskers with didgeridoos, but there are also some less well known, more…
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My 10 Favourite Travel Pins

I thought it was about time I put all those hours I spent on Pinterest to good use and share the 10 favourite articles I’ve found on there via travel pins. There are tiny Polish dwarves, stuffed mice, abandoned aircraft – and painted sheep! Until recently I didn’t think Pinterest…
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