About Destination>Differentville

Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei - where this travel blog was bornDestination>Differentville is the travel blog of frustrated journalist Helen Foster – that’s me up there. I use the word frustrated because a long, long time ago when I was at a crossroads in my career I had to make a decision. I’d been a travel editor of a glossy magazine and upon being dealt the happy hand of redundancy had done a few travel pieces for newspapers and magazine but at the same time I was fast developing a reputation for writing health stories. So, my second choice was to go into health – and just take a lot of holidays to indulge my love of travelling.

For many reasons, I chose the latter and it’s gone well – not just the writing bit, but also the taking a lot of holidays – at once stage I nearly wasn’t allowed on a flight as my passport was falling to bits from overuse (that was a hairy few hours).

Fact is, I’ve always loved to travel – but recently, I’ve also started to enjoy writing about travel again. I’ve had pieces published in Sainsbury’s magazine in the UK, in the Sunday Telegraph in Australia and on websites like Passport Stamps and The Carousel but I wanted to have somewhere else to write about the fun stuff I was seeing and doing – and decided a travel blog would be the perfect place. So, here it is.

So what is Destination>Differentville all about?

This isn’t the only travel blog out there – there are heaps – so you might be wondering, what are you going to find on on this one? Well…

Places:  Well as the name and its tagline ‘Exploring the World in a Most Peculiar Way’ suggest it’s looking for the slightly odd, quirky, fun or bizarre places to visit. The type of thing that if you tell people you went there on holiday they would say ‘ooh, that sounds cool’ – or perhaps ‘what on earth did you do that for?’ depending on the type of friend you have.

If the idea of a restaurant based around toilets and poop, hot springs where you get to boil eggs as well as soak your feet, a cafe where you cuddle hedgehogs or a market which has an actual train drive through it a few times a day sound like your idea of fun, you’re in the right place.

People and Things: But D>D isn’t just a travel blog about destinations, it’s also about the strange little things that make a place different. Like the story behind the concrete balaclavas you can spot all over Sydney or, the Lego that’s been washing up on British beaches for a while now. And it’s about people that make the world a more interesting place – like the blogger/author who wrote a book solely about loos in the Australian outback.

Ideas: Where would the world be without innovative ideas and new trends? Well, if nothing else, I wouldn’t have a day job. And so, I’m also including new ideas or trends that are appearing around the world in my remit – like the new crop of mid-priced hotels in London aiming for boutique travellers without big pockets or the bike hire companies currently appearing EVERYWHERE in Sydney.

Now, depending on when you read this page, not all those posts may have appeared yet – I’ve only got one pair of typing hands and they have a full-time job to do as well as running a travel blog. But they’re coming so if you like the sound of them, sign up with the form here or in your WordPress reader.

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