Nine unusual things to do in Taipei - from quirky foods to intriguing sights

Nine Unusual Things to Do in Taipei

Soaking in hot springs, staying in a haunted hotel and eating (a lot) are just a few of the cool things to do in Taipei. It really does have something for everyone – even those who might feel the need to win a fluffy penis at some point in their…
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Kuala Lumpur, review of Heli lounge aka the Helipad Bar

Heli Lounge Helipad Bar, KL – Your Questions Answered

Heli Lounge Bar aka the Helipad bar is a bar that sets up at night on a working helipad located on the 35th floor of a KL skyscraper – as such there’s no walls, no ceiling, no safety barrier – just a fabulous view of the KL skyline. It describes…
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At Gaggan Bangkok, the menu is not works but emojis

Eating by Emoji at Gaggan, Bangkok

Gaggan restaurant in Bangkok serves amazing food and has won award after award because of it – but that’s not why it appears on Destination>Differentville; it’s on here because the menu is written entirely in emojis – and you have no idea exactly what you’ve eating until the end when…
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Modern Toilet Restaurant Taipei

5 Reasons to Visit Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taipei

Babies are born all over the place – aeroplanes, supermarkets, hospitals – but, Destination>Differentville was born on a toilet in Taipei. Not a real one, I wouldn’t feel the need to share that with you, but, on a toilet-shaped chair in a poo-themed restaurant called Modern Toilet, which interestingly, also began…
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Harry's Hedgehog Cafe in Harajuku

Visiting Harry’s Hedgehog Cafe in Harajuku

Recently, I had the grand sum of eight hours in Tokyo – and two things I had to achieve in that time. Buy a dress for my friend’s rabbit (yes that’s a thing) and cuddle a hedgehog at the new branch of Harry’s Hedgehog Cafe in Harajuku. Not surprisingly as…
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Maeklong Railway Market – By Train

  Joy, joy, joy and happiness – that was me back in February when I finally got to go to the Maeklong Railway Market and stand by the side of the tracks as a huge great locomotive thundered about three inches past my nose. However, that wasn’t the only fun…
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Destination: Differentville is a new travel website

Welcome to Destination>Differentville

Hi – I’m Helen, creator of Destination:>Differentville and, by day, I’m a journalist who mostly writes about healthy stuff. A while ago as part of my day job I had to write a magazine article about befriending your fears. This was the start of that article… “What would you do…
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